Allstars Taunton Cash League 2017



League Rules

The league will be called Allstars Taunton Cash League 2017.

The league is a singles league for 8 Ball Pool.

It will consist of 1 divisions of 16 players
You will play each player once a week for 15 weeks.

All matches will be best of 14. All Frames must be played.

3 points for a Win, 1 Point for a draw

League will go on Points first and then frame differences.

At the end of the 15 weeks the players who come in the top 4 will receive a cash prize.

All matches must be played at Allstars Taunton and all tables must be booked. Ring 01823 334880 to book the table. (Sort between yourselves who rings and books the table)

1 st £150

2 nd £100

3 rd £50

4 th £25

League entry is £35 with £10 being a cash deposit (if you complete all games and turn up to finals night then you will get this back)

This needs to be paid to confirm your space in the league. (hand this to the bar or myself)

You will arrange fixtures between you and your opponent for that corresponding fixture week

(Monday to Sunday) Fixtures can not be played on a Monday after 5pm. If you can not play your

corresponding fixture during that fixture week (Monday to Sunday) please let Rich Heal know


Matches are to be played in order and you cannot play 2 matches in one day.

Tables will be free for the match, practice before and after is chargeable. Please make sure you ring

up and book a table.

All fixtures and results will be on

A facebook group will be created when we have the 16 where you can publish results. Please

arrange between yourselves who will publish the result.

FINALS NIGHT (Saturday 24 th June 2017)
At the end of the season we will hold a finals night which

will give you the opportunity to win more money against players around the same position as you in

the final league standings, this will be a straight knockout format best of 7. (This is included in your

£25) failure to turn up to finals night will result in your £10 deposit being kept.

Final Position

1 st - 4 th (1v4 2v3) Winners then play for £75

5 th - 8 th (5v8 6v7) Winners then play for £50

9 th - 12 th (9v12 10v11) Winners then play for £25

13 th - 16 th (13v16 14v15) Winners then play for £25

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