Allstars Bristol BB Cash League

Finals Night
Finals Night

Final Position

1st to 4th reach semi final automatically.
Quarter finals as follows:
5th vs 12th
6th vs 11th
7th vs 10th
8th vs 9th
Semi finals as follows:
1st vs (5th vs 12th)
2nd vs (6th vs 11th)
3rd vs (7th vs 10th)
4th vs (8th vs 9th)

Finals payout
1st = £400
2nd = £200
3rd = £75
4th = £50

" Players that finish between 13th and after will play for a £300 prizepool once they have paid up in full.
" Prizes are only guaranteed if everyone has paid up in full. Prize pool will be 100% paid out.

In the case of a player with drawing early. All oppenents will receive a
draw (1 point), if the game has been played or not. For any player that
has paid up in full by week 4 (20th of March), they will receive a win
(3 points).

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