Allstars Bristol BB Cash League


League Rules

The league will be called Allstars Bristol BB Cash League 2017.

The league is a singles league for 8 Ball Pool.

It will consist of 1 divisions of 16 players.

All matches will be best of 14. All Frames must be played.

3 points for a Win, 1 Point for a draw

League will go on Points first and then frame differences.

At the end of the 25 weeks the players who come in the top 12 will receive a cash prize.

All matches must be played at Allstars Bristol and all tables must be booked. Ring 0117 9294295 to book the table.
(Sort between yourselves who rings and books the table)

1st £225

2nd £150

3rd £125

4th £100
5th-8th £75
9th-12th £50

League entry is £20 and an additional £3 per game thereafter.

The £20 registration fee must be paid before a ball is hit. This money is to be handed directly to either myself (Gavin), Shane or Rob.

The £3 per game fee, along with your opponents must be placed in a brown envelope found behind the bar.
On the envelope write your both names, date and £6 paid and hand it to the manager on duty.

Fixtures are on the website. Although future fixtures may be played out of turn if both parties agree.
All results are to be posted by on the facebook group page. Decide between yourselves who will do this.
Expect banter (abuse) if you lose.

Tables will be free for the match, practice before and after is chargeable.
A concession rate will be available for league players. Not including Saturdays.
Prices will be posted in the near future. Again these rates must be put through the manager on duty. Again this must be pre booked and agreed.

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